Perfectly Made Kicks (PMK) is the result of a synergy between a team of elite professionals with over ten years of combined experience in business development, law, marketing, music, fashion and production.  While each member of the team has their own area of expertise, our experience and network of resources are ubiquitous and span across several arenas.  From ideation to design and execution we provide seamless client service and deliver tangible results.  Our service offering includes bespoke sneakers and apparel, corporate consulting as well as prototype design and production. We reinterpret sneaker silhouettes in colors and materials that breathe new life into classic kicks without compromising the essence of the brand. PMK lives where fashion and sneaker culture collide.

PMK is an “insider” group of design, marketing, lifestyle and trend specialists with a proven track record across major brands and an extensive network of media, celebrity, influencer and corporate contacts. We don’t just forecast and identify the trends, we influence them.  We do this through creative, innovative design concepts, effective use of marketing, and celebrity placement. PMK provides strategy that aligns with the client’s objectives, heightens visibility and extends the reach of the brand beyond its core consumer base. We can execute brand-based partnerships that are sure to get your brand noticed.