Welcome to the Design Lab! A collaboration between PMK Customs and Internet Explorer. The Design Lab showcases many of the new features enabled in next generation browsers, like Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, such as multi-touch gestures, hardware accelerated graphics, and blazing fast HTML5 libraries and frameworks that make this website feel more like an app. This site has been designed to work easily with your finger, so give it a shot on a Surface tablet. It’s the next evolution of the web.

Internet Explorer

PMK Designs Labs with IE10 makes use of the following HTML5 features:


The HTML5 video tag allowed us to create and animated background to enhance the dynamic and cool feeling of the website.


Most of the project’s styling and particularly all element’s transitions and animations have been made using CSS3. See how fluently and fast the tiles are arranged when you go from one section to another? Or when you switch to the snapped view mode? Everything is CSS3.


Using HML5 Canvas, we dynamically generated colors on every one of the images comprising a 360 degree view of each sneaker. This way we were able to apply effects and graphics in the editor.

Web Workers

To obtain a better performance in the sneakers editor, we used Web Workers technology. Web workers are long-running scripts that allows PMK Design Labs editor to generate all the colored frames in the background faster and thus making the user-interface more responsive.

Pointer Events

To have a better touch interaction, this website uses the Pointer Events specification which allows to have smooth deceleration effects and manipulations. Try to do a swipe in the home and see how responsive the web is.


To develop this large scale JavaScript website, we used TypeScript, an open source programming language developed by Microsoft. It allowed us to code faster and with less errors.